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Freedom Defence Canada is an organization of Canadians who are deeply concerned about the direction our nation is taking. Like many others in our society, we feel under attack by a tidal wave of extremist liberal values that have invaded every aspect of our lives and violated our beliefs and fundamental human rights.

The so called progressive left has been relentless in their attack on traditional conservative values. We have seen in our time, the removal of the rights of the unborn and recently the assault on parental rights in education particularly in the forcing of liberal sex education on our children in public schools. The left pursues lawsuits against Christian and faith based organizations such as Trinity Western University. And not so long ago we saw the launching of the nonsensical gender identity movement culminating in choice in identity, gender neutral public washrooms and the outlawing of the use of the words "mother" and "father" in Ontario.

The left has a plan to change the social face of our nation. We need to be strong and united in the face of this. Unless we act now, the Canada we know and love will slowly disappear.


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    The Institutions I Love

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