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The Evil Amongst Us

by Perry D Foster
Most of us go about our business each day hoping and praying that evil will not touch us. This often happens because we are blind and oblivious to what is really going on. Sadly, while we sleep, evil has its destructive way amongst us. In this brief essay I would like to touch on one particular evil that threatens us all. SOGI 123, The New Evil A few years ago, during the summer legislative recess, the then premier of our province, Christy Clark, passed an order in council for the creation of a new sex education curriculum to be implemented […]

The Great War

by Perry D Foster
Only one war in human history has ever been called “The Great War.” The terrible struggle of 1914 to 1918 decimated Europe and swept away the old order. It ushered in an era of new and terrible weaponry, mass casualties and an appalling disregard for human life. When it was over nothing would ever be the same. Any notions of chivalric idealism had vanished in the death, mud and blood of Passchendaele and the  Somme. When an armistice was signed the world heaved a sigh of relief and tried to put the pieces back together again. Another Great War Now […]

Government or Regime?

by Perry D Foster
There is a terrible point in the affairs of a nation when government, obligated to safeguard the rights of its citizens, crushes those rights and becomes a regime. It’s difficult to know exactly when this begins, but there is always a moment when it becomes obvious to all that the nation they once loved has metastasized into something else. Small Events, Innocuous Decrees. It might begin with small events and seemingly innocuous decrees. Perhaps the hypothetical nation we are speaking of, a place where free speech was once cherished and defended, now forbids its citizens to criticize a certain belief […]

The Institutions I Love

by admin
The traditions of the Western world are based on time honoured institutions. There is an old joke that goes something like this: A man says “Marriage is a great institution.” His friend says “Yeah, but I never liked being in an institution.” I never felt that way. In fact, after being married for 28 years, I can honestly say that they have been the best years of my life. Not My “Partner.” My wife. When I describe my marriage to others I don’t exaggerate its qualities. I don’t need to. My wife is a good person and we have a […]

M-103 Hasn’t Gone Away

by admin
It is a sad truth that most people have short memories. Issues that once consumed them fade away and become unimportant. One reason for this is that they are bombarded by a 24/7 news cycle that gives them little time for reflection and even less time to express their concerns. As a result, things slip by them and, if they’re not careful, they can become the victims of legislation that can only be described as dangerous and evil. M-103 As Dangerous as Ever. A classic example of this is Motion M-103. In a previous blog entitled “Why M-103 Still Matters” […]

The Evil Use of Language

by admin
One of the most powerful weapons humans have is language. It can lift us up and inspire us. It can give voice to our deepest desires and frame our noblest thoughts. But it can also be used to obscure truth, brainwash societies and validate atrocities. Weaponizing Language. How is it being used today? If I was forced to choose the most common use of language today, I would say to “obscure truth.” Never before has language been used more deceptively to lie, cover up and twist the truth. It has become a weapon used to influence vast numbers of innocent […]