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Mission Creep

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“Mission Creep” refers to a policy that begins well, but ends in disaster. It’s a gradual ┬áprocess. Here’s the pattern: A government or organization commits to a policy.It spends time, money and resources on it.Initially it meets with success, so it commits itself even more. This results in more success which, in turn, makes it more confident. It goes all in and commits itself completely. Then things start to go wrong. But now, having devoted so much time, money and resources to the fight, it can’t back out. In too deep, it hopes for final victory and continues the struggle. […]

Use Your Words

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This expression, often used by ┬áparents to prevent their children from swearing, now has new meaning in Canada. It is a warning to us that unless we protect our democratic right to free speech we may soon lose it.There comes a time in the lives of all free people when they are tested, and that time has come to Canada. Liberal progressivism, a philosophy that has already stripped us of many of our rights, and wants to take more, is now taking aim at free speech. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s no surprise. The aim of Liberal […]

Welcome to Freedom Defence Canada

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The purpose of Freedom Defence Canada is to defend and promote traditional values on current social issues.