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You’re O.K. As You Are

by Perry D Foster
Many conservatives and social conservatives have become apologetic. They feel bad about themselves. When the culture war started many social conservatives began backstepping and explaining themselves as though they had something to be ashamed of. Some of them even began to think that they needed to be educated in the “woke” liberal progressive narrative. Nothing could be further from the truth. Strong conservatives and social conservatives are okay just the way they are, and so are you. In fact, we are the ones who are most connected to reality and common sense. Most of us already know that. So, why […]

You Are Not Alone

by Perry D Foster
These days conservatives can feel lonely. The world has changed a lot in the last few years. So many things we once accepted as common sense or normal have been upended. In their place is a bizarre value system that has turned time honoured values on their head and is intent on destroying everything we value and love. It can often feel as though you are the only one who feels the way you do and the only one who “gets it.” Not alone, Not Aberrant But you are not alone. Untold millions in Canada and around the globe feel […]

Operation Extinction

by Perry D Foster
I first realized North American politics had changed during the Obama era. George W. Bush had been an unpopular president. It was clear that America wanted change. Along came Barrack Obama who captured the presidency and initiated a social revolution. But along with that came a political perspective that could only be described as sinister. I remember hearing a news item stating that an Obama advisor had said now was the time to destroy the Republicans and remove conservative thought from America forever.  Not Fair Play I was shocked. I had grown up in a different world. No one sought to […]