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The Joy of Labelling

by Perry D Foster
Nothing makes a political extremist happier than labelling someone. When you label someone you condemn them without ever having to prove your case. If the label sticks, your opponent is forever stained with whatever association you place on them. Labelling is powerful, and it is being used now more than ever. But it has always been there, a tool for those who would oppress us, from school yard bullies to political tyrants. We must never forget how dangerous it is, and we must realize that it has the potential to lead us into one  of the darkest periods in our history.  […]

The Power of Gradualism

by Perry D Foster
Things can gradually go bad. That’s what we’re seeing today. I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard the expression “I never thought I’d see the day.” Now “the day” is here. We are living in an insane world. Courageous and eloquent people have raged against it, and still do, but the insanity continues. If you are told that the six-foot five hairy man in front of you is a woman, and you have to agree in order to save your job and family, then you are living in an insane world.  An Inch at a Time […]

What is Woke Culture?

by Perry D Foster
First there was political correctness. Now there’s “woke” culture. For the last 20 or 30 years these two influences have damaged and weakened the foundations of western culture and removed our freedoms. The most common statement I hear regarding “wokeness” is “I can’t believe this exists. What’s going on?” People are stunned by the speed and efficiency with which our Judeo Christian culture has been attacked and it values inverted. They are shocked and terrified to find themselves moral and cultural refugees in a world where decent values have been reversed and repugnant practices have become the norm. How did […]

Goodbye Netflix

by Perry D Foster
I’m going to cancel my Netflix subscription. To tell you the truth, Netflix wasn’t that great. A lot of its movies were old reruns from decades ago. Its dramatic series were often poorly directed, and the story lines were contrived and predictable. Like so many other platforms and streaming services these days, it towed the party line and pushed a liberal progressive LGBTQ narrative. In short, it was boring. There was the odd interesting documentary and series, but that wasn’t enough to justify a subscription. All of this, however, isn’t the reason I’m cancelling.  “Cuties” went too far The real […]

The War on Reality

by Perry D Foster
We’ve reached a bizarre stage in our history. One might even say an evil one. Why? Because never before have we denied reality and opposed those who believe in it. Never, in the last five thousand years, since this experiment called “human civilization” began, have we been this crazy and bizarre. We are actually making war on reality. Coffee Cup or Chicken?  A few years ago I had a conversation with an ex professor of mine. He reminded me, in that condescending way so many others had, that there were no “facts.” I didn’t have to struggle for a degree […]

Laurier Must Remain!

There comes a time when a nation must make a decision about its past. That statement may surprise you. You may have thought that I was going to say that it would need to make a decision about its future. But these days, the past is in as much peril as the future. Around the world governments and power brokers are attempting to rewrite history, and nowhere is this more true than in Canada. For the past couple of decades a concerted attempt has been made to rewrite our history and eradicate our traditional narrative. Social Justice War  There’s no […]