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Can You Recognize the Good?

by Perry D Foster
 Western Civilization is at a critical point. Why do I say that? It’s not because we are going through unprecedented political turmoil, although we are. And it’s not because we are experiencing a massive struggle between globalists and nationalists although, again, we are. It’s not even because of the cultural civil war between conservatives and liberals. It’s more because we now show signs of being unable to distinguish good from evil. Mainlining Evil Practices  What do I mean by that? I mean that our era is exhibiting a truly disturbing and terrifying quality. We are mainlining evil. That may sound […]

Shifting the Goalposts

by Perry D Foster
As any athlete will tell you there’s no point in playing a game if the goalposts shift and the rules keep changing. Somehow this fundamental fact of life has escaped the world of politics. In that world, the goalposts are continuously moving and the only object of the game is to win at all costs. Advantage Left  In the eternal battle between Left and Right, one side seems better at this game than the other. It isn’t because they have a better argument, or are more intelligent, it’s because they are craftier. No doubt about it, the Left have the […]