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A House Divided: A Post Mortem on the Federal Election

by Perry D Foster
The Biblical quotation “a house divided against itself cannot stand” now applies to Canada more than ever. Why? Because of the recent federal election. Let’s take a look at the results of that election and what it means for our future. First, it was the worst possible result for Canada and for social conservatives.   Yes, the Conservatives captured the popular vote, but they could not form a government. As a result, Trudeau’s Liberals, as well as the other left wing parties, will almost certainly form a coalition that will continue to pass legislation favouring the progressive left. Their bizarre […]

Stepping Over the Line

by Perry D Foster
  In the struggle to change our society, crush morality and defeat decency, Progressive Liberalism won a huge victory in New York state. I’m referring, of course, to the recent 40 week abortion Bill passed by the New York state legislature. After it passed, the members of the legislature actually stood up and cheered. What an incredible thought. Devoid of all compassion and humanity, they applauded a heinous piece of legislation that would terminate human life immediately after birth. They won. But they may also have lost. Beyond the Point of Tolerance  What do I mean this? I mean that […]

What 1940 Can Teach Us

by Perry D Foster
On June 4th, 1940, prime minister Winston Churchill gave the most stirring speech in the history of the English speaking world. In it he called upon his fellow countrymen to fight for their nation. He told them to fight on the beaches, in the landing fields and in the streets, and never to surrender. He reminded them that if the British Empire were to last a thousand years, men would remember them, and that this moment in their long and glorious history would be remembered as their “finest hour.” A False Sense of Security  But the reality of the situation […]