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The Box We’re In

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Many of us have woken up to the fact that we are no longer free. The Charter of  Rights and Freedoms guarantees us “Freedom of Expression.” That includes freedom of speech, but as we all know, and as I have mentioned before, that is slowly being eliminated in Canada. In my previous posts I described the role Cultural Marxism has had in curtailing our freedoms, but there’s more to it than that. In the Box To get a clearer picture of this try to imagine that you are in a box. You can move slightly, you can crouch, but you […]

“The Narrative. Part 2.”

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In my last piece, “The Narrative. Part 1.” I described the beliefs of liberal progressivism now embodied in the dominant public narrative. I then detailed their objectives and why they want to undermine western civilization and destroy traditional values. This includes their campaign to remove objective morality and replace it with subjective relativism. In this post I will describe how it all came to be and what we, as conservatives, can do about it. The Source of This Lunacy The source of this may surprise you. The lunacy we have been living through can sometimes appear to have been organic, […]

Your Two Greatest Gifts

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Repost of June 2, 2017 · by freedomdefencecanada   Of all the gifts democracy has given you the two greatest are identity and freedom. We forget that both of these are recent. It has taken us five hundred years to go from the Renaissance and Reformation to where we are today. That’s not a long time in history, and we only began to progress in the field of human rights in the last couple of centuries. What many of us don’t realize is that there was no freedom of religion or expression before this. People did not have free speech […]
Mind Control

Educational Mind Shaping

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Repost of May 13, 2017 · by freedomdefencecanada Most of us have known for a long time that if you reach children at a young age you can shape their thinking for life. And if you succeed in shaping their thinking, you will also shape their actions. What we as human beings eventually do starts as a thought in our minds ! The liberals have capitalized on this in our society, and the vehicle they have chosen to use for this is the educational system. In Canada, in the early days, the school system was the product of faith based […]

“The Narrative. Part 1.”

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One of the reasons we conservatives feel so besieged these days is because of something called “The Narrative.” It was clever, well thought out, beautifully executed, and undeniably evil, and it has damaged our society tremendously. It is an important reason why everything seems so “upside down” in the western world and so dysfunctional. We in the West are going through a difficult period. It’s undeniable. If we want to win the struggle for values, and I am sure that we eventually will, we need to know how we got here, and how best to defeat the forces arrayed against […]

Snake Oil Salesmen

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Long ago, many years before any of us were born, itinerant frontier salesman went from settlement to settlement in covered wagons. Out of the backs of these wagons they sold a wonder medicine known as “snake oil.” It was supposed to be a cure all for everything. As our medical knowledge grew we realized they were frauds and  thought that they would naturally go away, discredited by modern science. Now, to our collective astonishment, they are back. The only difference is that their name has changed. Today they are called “liberal progressives,” but they are still promising us cure alls. […]